Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oh, the research...

Well, I won't make excuses why I haven't blogged other than I just didn't feel like it. However, I am about to change all that.

You see...I am deep into my next book, The Secret Lives of Evelyn, and feel like sharing the research ride I am on.

Evelyn is a real Victorian woman and the book will be non-fiction, so I am trying to steep myself in all things that are Evelyn. Actually, I have been doing that for some time and her story has been sitting for well over two years. Oddly though, she seems to be tapping me on the shoulder saying, "Find me, tell my story..."

It's especially hard since she was born in England. I would love to go there, but am not sure where to start, so I have a friend doing some recon for me.

I have been successful in finding her grandson and great granddaughter, but unfortunately, they know little about that side of the family. Not surprising since Evelyn's son died in WWI when his son was 2.

I put out some requests for another descendant, but have heard nothing. I found another direct relative, but they did not have children, so another dead end.

More on my quest tomorrow.

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